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Friday, November 21, 2008

Friends selling their records!

A couple weeks ago I found out a friend of mine had decided to sell off his record collection. It took a little while before I was able to check out his records, but this was what I came away with.

After spending most of the night with another friend at the Dragonforce show, we headed over to a small party where some friends were trying to play the board game "Class Struggle." Luckily, the guy selling off his records had hauled them all over the party so I could flip through them and ignore the game. Unfortunately, he also had a Prince Buster record that he wasn't ready to sell, so I'm still waiting to see if I can get my grubby hands on that. But, still an fairly decent and cheap batch of records. 

The Stevie Wonder record is just ok, but it does have this great song Superstition on it. About a week ago, my wife had a found a bunch of Sesame Street videos, and one of them was an amazing live performance of this song. If only I could buy a record of the Sesame Street performance...

Anyway, I feel a little bad for my friend selling off his records. I went through a similar phase several years ago, and somewhat regret the decision to purge so many records. Hopefully he doesn't regret it down the road.

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andrew said...

Don't cry for me, Yann. I've been selling off my records for the past 10 years. I've long since moved past any feelings of regret. And this whole phenomenon of blogs providing free access to hard-to-find records (even if it's in digital form -- I don't care a whit as long as it is listenable) has made things infinitely easier. My problem now is that I just wish someone would pay me a fair price to take all the rest of my records away! It's a pain in the ass having to list each one individually on eBay!

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